Co-workers know that I can be very picky about a solid semantic structure. I also am fond of all tools that can help figure out faults, about those more in another post.

With some litte tweaks the website of our Re-enactment association ‘t Vaerdich Volk (dutch) scored a perfect score in lighthouse.

It’s a small website, less functionality but certainly enough for our association. There is just one thing, the homepage isn’t a 100% score. It could easily though hadn’t we chosen to display our Facebook feed on the homepage.

Of course I could install a tracker like Hotjar that measures active areas and put them on a heatmap. Maybe I will but tools like those only add more load to the page and maybe even more important more work for me to analyse. I don’t think a small webpage like that is worth it.

We have already seen that a solid semantic structure and the right colours will take you a long way, mainly in accessibility.